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Dining options in St Remy de Provence

La Gousse D'Ail restaurant St Remy de Provence #france #provence #restaurants

You’ll never go hungry here, St Remy de Provence boasts as many restaurants, cafes and bars per person as a big city.  

St Remy is easily stuffed with 50+ cafes and restaurants ranging from a quick crepe to gourmet blowouts. You could easily dine in a different restaurant for dinner and a different cafe or bar for lunch for a fortnight before repeating where you’d been.

My top recommendation for lunch would be Un Ete a St Remy de Provence which offers salads, pasta dishes, savoury galettes, sweet crepes and ice creams. For evening meals you might like to try La Gousse D’Ail (The taste of garlic) with its kitsch display of vintage fairground rides and other ephemera or L’Auberge de la Reine Jeanne with its leafy court yard. If you’re lucky the accordion player singing Jacques Brel numbers will pay a visit whilst you dine.

I will be adding further recommendations to this list as I feature places on the site.

Can you recommend anywhere good to eat in St Remy?

Un Ete a St Remy ice cream parlour #Provence #France #Travel

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