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Siblu: Les Pierres Couchees holiday review

This post was previously published at How better to take your mind for impending snow and bad weather by planning a summer holiday? Take some inspiration from Siblu holiday taken last summer.

siblu les pierres couchees holiday review

It is – in case you haven’t noticed – cold. We’re due to get snow storms this weekend in the UK and I just want to hunker down and keep warm under the temperate rises again.

Now that Christmas is out of the way, it’s time to start planning for holidays again. As you may previously have gathered, we are France addicts. We can’t get enough of the place – I have a French travel blog in the pipeline where I can chatter about holidays in France without boring all the people who come here for cake.

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Breakfast at Brittany’s – the morning ferry to Caen

This post was previously published at Now Christmas is over I’m starting to think about summer holidays – there is an offer at the bottom of this post for 10% of French holidays with Siblu.


We could have gone for Le Full English but with another meal time due before the end of the crossing, bread and pastries were the order of the morning during our Brittany Ferries journey from Portsmouth to Caen.

Our family are seasoned travellers across the channel, we’ve done nearly every route and transportation means but Brittany Ferries’ longer mid channel crossings are our favourites.

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Buffalo Grill Review – France’s roadside burger destination

This Buffalo Grill Review post was previously published on We don’t have Buffalo Grill in the UK but if we did, I’d be going.

buffalo grill review

Buffalo Grill Review

Arriving at a self catering holiday destination late on a Saturday night has one problem. Come Sunday, you have a brief window to buy your groceries in a neighbourhood you’re not yet familiar with.

The whole wild goose chase which was that Sunday morning need not be repeated in full here. Suffice to say, by the end of nearly three hours, my father hadn’t been to church, we didn’t have any groceries, something MASSIVE had been going on down the town but we didn’t know what and we were overly familiar with the local industrial estate.

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